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Are you an ambitious sales professional looking for your first management or senior level promotion, ready to transform your career?

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner looking for increased sales and customer retention?

''I recently completed the Sales Success system personality profiling, I would highly recommend anyone does this with Sheree. She is very knowledgeable and clearly identified my strengths and areas I could work on. She has made me think about sales in a completely different way”

First 90 days-Top 5 tips to Survive Thrive and Succeed

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The Sales Leader Academy – About Us

The Sales Leader Academy a new boutique personalised consultancy works with action takers who want to achieve greater professional & business success. I have over 20 years’ experience in the field of sales expertise, motivational management, building high performing teams that exceed targets while developing and nurturing leaders. We offer The latest in leadership and sales thinking mixed with tried, tested and proven methods to increase career progression, sales success and team performance. Joining our signature Leadership Leap 90 programme will help you to become one of the confident, collaborative brave new leaders needed for 2019 and the year of Brexit. Get ahead in your field in 2019, with The Ultimate Leadership Leap 90 and The Ultimate Sales Programmes, prepare, to be ahead of the pack .


“I contacted Sheree through a recommendation of a business contact of mine, I found Sheree to be very experienced in coaching, always listening attentively and delivering a solution to my challenges, her vast knowledge of experience and emotional intelligence truly empowered me to be the great sales leader I am today.” Senior Sales Manager – Leadership Leap 90 


The team have over 20 years’ experience in the field of leadership excellence, sales and management at individual, corporate and SME level, building high performing teams that exceed business targets while developing and nurturing future leaders.


How we work. We work from a mentoring perspective, underpinned by high quality coaching skills based on proven NLP techniques, psychometric profiling and elite sales training methodology. We have worked hard to develop these programmes, done the research and have created leading edge training to help you personally, your teams and business succeed.  Sheree Owen

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The Sales Leader Academy

Sheree Owen – Founder and Director  Sales Leadership & HP Team Programmes expert

Sheree has significant leadership and sales experience at senior level. She founded an executive coaching and sales training business in 2001 working with SME's and corporates. In 2009 she co-founded a six figure, recruitment & training consultancy, providing recruitment, sales, customer excellence and management training services. With more recent senior level experience in the high-end property sales industry in London, leading multiple sales teams to excel and deliver exciting results Sheree has a passion for transformation and the ability we all have to regenerate and recreate ourselves and our future.

Sheree says “My passion is helping people and businesses work together, collaboratively to achieve more. By being better more confident, brave leaders, walking the talk and inspiring ourselves and those we work with and serve, we can always achieve greater success”


Sarah Bourne (Assoc CIPD) – Leadership Programmes Coaching Expert

Sarah has a passion for people having worked within Workforce Development since 2007 in a number of roles providing Learning and Development and Organisational Development solutions to individuals and teams within the public sector. Sarah says ''I create and deliver high impact and creative solutions always focussing on the individual or team outcome. My delivery is not your traditional 'chalk and talk' but interactive, thought provoking and even fun! I love to see people develop and grow and unlock their full potential, I'm fascinated by the complexities of human behaviour and the impact this can have within the workplace''. Sarah founded Shades of You a boutique consultancy that she runs whilst also being a mother to her two young sons. ILM Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring, Clarity 4D Business Partner.


Denise Bosque (DIP HYPNO)  – Public speaking & Presentation expert

Denise has helped over a thousand professionals to develop stronger emotional resilience and improve their professional performance. As a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and anxiety recovery coach Denise works using her broad knowledge, experience and intuition to work holistically, quickly and effectively. Originally a professional actress Denise specialises in helping professionals with public speaking challenges to deliver confident winning, presentations. Denise can help professionals to overcome anxiety and confidently present and speak at events, high level meetings and client facing presentations, leading to greater career success and business growth, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner NLP, Anxiety recovery coach.



Develop my leadership confidence

The 60-minute personal development session uses the colourful energy personality profile, Clarity 4D. Find out how you show up. Want more sales or a better pipeline? Discover your natural style and potential. This session also serves as space to assess your career and consider are you on track or do you need to change your approach to achieve your objectives or change company.

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The Sales Career Planning and Transformation Programme can be added on after Session 1.


Who is it for?

Sales consultants and team leaders looking to work out what's stopping them selling or space to consider your next move and career aspirations.

60 minutes – Zoom call £199.00



Signature Programme – Ultimate Selling Masterclass

This programme has been honed, after many years of training sales people and teams to sell to any type of client using a tried and tested methodology and process.  Sales people that really do well, love selling, but If you're willing to learn you can love it too.

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  • Understanding Buyer personality types
  • Sales consultant personality and motivation
  • Sales consultant confidence, product knowledge and passion
  • Communication styles
  • Ability to read and lead the buyer and ask the right questions
  • The fundamental process you must follow to create tight sales that go through
  • Winning the business vs your competitor
  • The biggest underestimated sales skill
  • Closing hot buttons and key closing options
  • Bolting down the sale.

Closing starts at the beginning of the process One of the most important stages of selling is closing the deal, which is the actions taken by the sales person to gain agreement to the sale, but closing really starts right at the beginning


6-week course or in house 1-day workshop

Register now for the 6-week course

Register for the 1-day public workshop coming soon places from £225.00 per delegate

To schedule a call to discuss suitability or for more information- pricing on request


Business growth

Business Growth Strategic Sales Programme

Partnering with a business growth and sales coach requires investment and commitment. If you are looking for improved sales, customer retention and a strategy to drive results. We start by looking at your current position, resources and with your vision.

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Find out if we are the right fit for you to partner with to achieve your key objectives.


Our results-first mindset ensures that coaching is tailored and aligned to your role and industry, maximising the return on your investment.

Book a discovery session here



High Performing Sales Teams

One day workshop, follow on from individual 'Sell with Colour' Clarity 4D Personality profiles, mapping the team communication strengths and potential to enhance capabilities and sales performance.


Find out how extroverted sales people show up and potential limiting behaviours that could lose certain sales prospects and their business.

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Understand via the language of colour how to sell to anyone using advanced sales skills and insights gained. Psychology of selling and buyer behaviours.


Ensures your teams hit and exceed their targets.


Who is it for?


Sales Directors, Sales Managers and their team keen to become the top performing team in the business.


 'In a nutshell the coaching has helped me to manage people better, become more pro- active, to improve my relationship with my MD, and importantly to learn to ask consultants how they are going to achieve their goals rather than tell them. The coaching programme has been invaluable'

Operations Manager and Team Leader

To ask for more information and a preview of the day.



Signature Programme – Leadership Leap 90

The Sales Leader Academy Leadership Leap 90-day Programme empowers sales professionals like you to transform their career, business and work by helping you move up to the next level. We help action takers to achieve increased success. Leadership Leap 90 works to up level your presence enabling you to become the inspiring leader hidden within, and achieve the recognition you deserve by gaining that promotion, new position or leap into new career.

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Working with the Clarity4D Personality Colour Profile as the foundation of the programme over 90 days you uncover how you lead, how do others lead? Define your key areas of strength to build on, assess your current position and perceptions of your colleagues and how that may be limiting you.


90-day support, mentoring and coaching to get you into the next position or to support you in a new role for the first 90 days to make your mark.


Who is it for?

Aspiring Sales professionals looking for 1st team leader or sales manager position

Aspiring senior sales managers looking for first head of department or directorship


'The result of my management leadership programme has been my increase
In self-confidence and my ability to overcome business challenges on a daily basis. I have changed my mindset and leadership coaching has helped me to achieve that'


Senior Customer Service and Sales Manager First 90 days Leadership Programme

90 days combination of 1-1, zoom or skype mentoring and online support £1199



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