Leading the Way in Sales

Leading the Way in Sales

  •   As a Sales Leader how do you show up for your team?
  •   Are you sought out for your support, ideas and opinions?
  •    Can you inspire action and results when you need to be successful?

‘A leadership style is a leader’s method of providing direction, implementing plans, and motivating people.’

How can you manage to lead inclusively, motivate individuals and both grow your team and sales for the last quarter of 2019 and into 2020?

1.   Be a great communicator, tell people how they are doing and what’s going well. Don’t only discuss things when there is a problem.

2.   Whatever size your business is personally communicate your vision for the team and make sure everyone is on board and clear about their responsibilities and personal sales targets

3.   Make everyone in the team feel appreciated, valued and respected for their contribution. If there is a problem within the team, speak to the individual and provide sales or developmental coaching if the person needs support or training.

4.   Know that team dynamics shift when new members come in and members move or leave and understand how to reform and regroup your team for optimum performance. Don’t just leave the team to get on with it.

5.   As the senior team leader conduct a regular team analysis using the FSNPA model framework (Forming, norming, storming, performing, adjourning)

6.   When recruiting into the team use a good personality profile that you yourself understand so that you can have a way of optimising your new team member’s performance quickly.

7.   Always know how to motivate each member of your team. Understand their motivations and why they do what they do. The personality profile will help with this

8.   Understand yourself, your Leadership style and the impact this has on your actions and ultimately success. Complete your own personal profile and work on the areas of hidden potential we all have within, and become more successful in 2019

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