Why not ask for the Sale?

Why not ask for the Sale?

Why it’s your strengths personality ‘mindset’ that might be stopping you.

Working with entrepreneurs and business owners there is one thing that shows up time and time again in achieving more sales in and being able to generate more revenue and personal income

That thing is the elephant in the room,

I don’t want to ask for the money

I can’t ask for the sale

I don’t feel comfortable asking

They don’t want it

They can’t afford it

I don’t want to be ‘salesy’

You get the idea. So, what is going on really?

A lot of mindreading for one! And secondly a fear of coming across as being salesy, meaning ‘ hard sell, pushy, tacky’

Of course not all sales questions are pushy, nor are all salespeople, some are of course but it doesn’t mean you have to be like that at all. No one is forcing you to behave in the way you have in your mind, that’s stopping you from marketing, following up and genuinely connecting with prospects to build relationships, known as the foundation of sales skills.

So you are in business and you need to sell to survive and sell better to thrive. So you started to work for yourself deciding you wanted to make a success of it.

So are you succeeding and pushing yourself forward taking the steps forward to sales success, or are you playing at it? Playing at business.

It’s really ok to ‘play at it’ and have fun’ but let me ask you how much fun you’re having when you are not getting attention, or you are getting interest and new leads but not managing to convert to clients and sales?

Because I can tell you that when you do love selling, and you have a marketing offline and online lead generation ( marketing/sales funnel) system and sales process set up, and you have it all operating as a system, then selling can be great fun and the best fun you can have can be closing a sale or a deal. Really.

But if you can’t ask for the sale conversationally as you, feeling good about it, you won’t get any of this feeling, if you can’t ask some simple well worded questions and be prepared to follow up people more than once then you won’t get it either ( you mean I have to call, message, email again?) Yes you have to ask, selling starts with the service selling mindset.

To compete in the market place and win business before someone else does, you have to stand out, speak up and ask.

Because those who ask will win the business, get the clients, sales and income.

Those that don’t will struggle and think about throwing it in or think I know I’ll change this or that rebrand, change the business name, whatever but if you then start again and don’t ask the same thing will happen.

The Answer IS

You just need to learn how to ask, and be confident about what you’re selling, making sure you have the 3 P’s covered ( Price, position and product ( passion)

Be one of those that asks. You just need to discover your natural sales style and closing zone.

If you want to know more about colour profiling, or the 3p’s, and how you can step into your hidden diamond potential when you need to follow people up, have sales conversations as you, and close in your ‘ close zone’

Then reach out and let me know. I offer discovery or consultation calls for free of course, so that you can find out if I can help you

Contact me here. – Sheree@salesleaderacademy.co.uk and let’s chat.

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